Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are the Patriot ancestors of our chapter members and the state in which they served. American Revolutionary War Patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of American independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

State Glossary

  Service Glossary

CT - Connecticut

BGEN - Brigadier General

DE - Delaware

CAPT - Captain
GA - Georgia COL - Colonel

LA - Louisiana

CPL - Corporal

MD - Maryland

CS - Civil Service

MA - Massachusetts

ENS - Ensign

NH - New Hampshire

LCOL - Lieutenant Colonel

NJ - New Jersey

LT - Lieutenant

NY - New York

MAJ - Major
NC - North Carolina MM - Minuteman
PA - Pennsylvania NONCOM - Non-Commissioned Officer
RI - Rhode Island PS - Patriotic Service
SC - South Carolina PVT - Private
VT - Vermont S.D.I - Signer of the Declaration of Independence
VA - Virginia SGT - Sergeant
  SOL — Soldier
  SMN — Seaman
  STAFFOF — Staff Officer


Patriot Name State(s) Served Patriot Rank
Aaron Geer CT CAPT
Aaron Stiles NJ PVT
Abel Pettibone CT CAPT
Abiel Fuller NY PVT
Abraham Hunsperger PA PS
Abraham Sandifer VA PS
Adam Henning PA NONCOM
Alden Williamson VA PVT
Alexander Hall NC PVT
Amariah Dana MA PVT
Amasa Scovell CT NONCOM
Amos Finch NY PVT
Andrew Heck PA PVT
Andrew Steele VA STAFFOF
Arthur Bowen VA CAPT
Asa Howe, Sr. MA CAPT
Asa Manley CT PVT
Asahel Gunn, Sr. MA CAPT
Ashbel Seymour CT SGT
Asher Williams NJ PS
Auris Remsen NY PVT
Barnett Idol NC PS
Benajah Rice VA SOL, PS
Benjamin Depue, Sr. NY CS, PS
Benjamin Ely VA PS
Benjamin Glidden MA PVT
Caleb Bell NC PS
Charles Collins CT PVT
Charles Harrison VA BGEN
Christian Funk PA PVT
Christopher Webb CT SGT
Conrad Goodner NC PVT
Daniel Agee VA PVT
Daniel Du Bose SC LT, PS
Daniel Horlacher PA PVT
Daniel Ide MA SGT
Daniel Langdon, Sr. CT CAPT, PS
Daniel Moody MA PVT
Daniel Stockton NJ PS
David Campbell VA PVT
David Conger NJ PVT
David Copeland MA PVT
David Merriam MA PVT
David Morris NY PVT
David Pollock, Jr. MD PVT, PS
David Sleeper NH PS
David Staples MA CS
Dinah (Dick) Conkey NY PS
Drury Pace SC CAPT
Ebenezer Dowd CT PVT
Edward Billups VA LCOL
Edward Lloyd MD PS
Edward Maxey VA PS
Edward Swanson NC CS, PS
Eli Skinner MA NONCOM, PVT
Elijah Freeman NY SGT
Elijah Sabin NY PVT
Eliphaz Warner VT PVT
Elisha Avery CT CPL
Elisha Bradley MA PVT
Elisha Dodson VA PS
Elisha Hall MA PVT
Ephraim Barker MA SGT
Ezekiel Waterman CT PVT, CS
Francis Smith GA PVT
Frederick Pershing PA PS
Frederick Stambach VA PS
Garret Myers NY PVT, PS
George Corbin VA PVT
George Danner NC PS
George Elmore NC CS
George Shive PA PVT, PS
George Smith VA PS
George Stovall Smith   VA ENS
George Teagarden PA PS
Gideon Flournoy VA ENS
Gideon Rogers MA SGT
Gray Bynum NC PS
Henry Acton MD PS
Henry Cannon VA PVT
Henry Hewitt CT PVT
Henry Leinbach PA PVT, PS
Henry Mattingly MD PS
Isaac Libby NH PS
Jacob Blessing VA SOL
Jacob Goodman NC PVT
Jacob Prickett, Sr. VA PS
Jacob Seip PA PVT, PS
Jacob Slaughter NC PS
James Colvin VA PVT
James Dunn VA PVT
James Hubbard CT PVT
James Knox MA SGT
James Langworthy VT PVT
James Mcgavock VA PS
James Torrey, Sr. CT PVT
James Wheeler NY, VA CS, PS
Jeremiah Tinkham VT PVT
Jesse Dodson VA PS
Jesse Meader VA SOL
Jesse Oglesby VA PVT
John A Gould   NJ PVT
John Austin GA SOL
John Benedict VA SOL
John Brewster NC PVT
John Bryan Hart   SC SOL
John Bull NY PS
John Byers VA CAPT, PS
John Calkins MA PVT
John Campbell PA Pvt
John Caughey PA Pvt
John Clore, Sr. VA PS
John Day VA CAPT
John Elkins MA STAFFOF, PS
John George Kerstetter   PA PVT
John Gill Sr SC PS
John Gwinn VA NONCOM
John Henry Stonecypher   NC PS
John Iden VA PVT
John Kincaid VA CAPT, CS
John Montgomery PA PVT
John Murphy VA PVT
John Ramsay NC CS, PS
John Ray VA PS
John Redfield CT PS
John Ross VA PVT
John Ross Key   MD CAPT
John Salmon NY PVT
John Sinor VA PVT
John Sledge VA PS
John Summers VA SOL, PS
John Tayloe VA PS
John Twining NJ PS
Jonah Woodruff CT SGT
Jonas Brush CT ENS
Jonas Lawrence CT PS
Jonathan Hughes VA ENS, PS
Jordan Mileham VA PVT
Jose Miguel Griego  SA PS
Joseph Baldwin CT SGT
Joseph Belcher MA PVT
Joseph Bondurant VA PS
Joseph Carlin LA PS
Joseph Cole, Sr. VA CS
Joseph Fenstermacher PA PVT
Joseph Hubbard NH SGT, CS, PS
Joseph Johnson PA CAPT
Joseph Mckee CT SGT
Joseph Penney NY SOL
Joseph Pettibone CT PVT
Joseph Piatt VA, GA PVT
Joseph Stonecypher NC PVT
Joseph Williams NH SGT, PS
Joshua Conkey NY CAPT, CS, PS
Joshua Curtis NC  
Joshua Hammond MA PVT, PS
Joshua Porter, Jr. MA PVT
Joshua Porter, Sr. MA SGT
Josiah Phillips PA LT
Josiah Prickett VA PS
Josiah Thornton SC SOL
Lazarus Reeves SC SOL
Levi  Wilder MA PVT
Lilly (Mcilhaney) Bowen VA PS
Lipscomb Norvell VA LT, PS
Merryman Carter VA PS
Micajah Moorman VA PS
Michael Fulghum NC PS
Michael Woods VA PVT
Moses Hill MA PVT
Mulford Coan CT PVT
Nathan Fuller NY PVT
Nathan Orcutt MA LT
Nathan Staples RI PS
Nathaniel Batchelder, Sr. NH SGT
Nathaniel Cary CT PVT
Nathaniel Dunham NJ PVT
Nathaniel Mccarroll SC PVT
Nathaniel Pettit PA PVT
Nathaniel Tobey MA PVT
Nehemiah Richards MA PVT
Nicholas Lutz PA COL, CS, PS
Nicholas Nickom PA CAPT, PS
Nimrod Newman VA PVT, PS
Noah Ashley MA PVT
Noel Etienne Soileau   LA PS
Obadiah Mann MA LT
Oliver Dodge CT PVT
Osborne Jeffery NC CS
Patrick Mullins MD PVT
Peter Barrick MD SOL
Peter Clingman PA PVT
Peter Eyeman PA PVT
Peter Montague VA PVT
Peter Ruth PA ENS, PS
Philip Livingston NY PS, S.D.I.
Phineas Haskell MA PVT
Presley Gray VA PVT
Richard Esselstyne NY MAJ
Richard Ransom CT CAPT
Robert Axton NC PS
Robert Elliott VA PS
Robert Moseley VA PS
Robert Moses MD PVT
Samuel Ferebee NC ENS
Samuel Harnden NY PVT
Samuel Luckett MD LT, PS
Samuel Nicholson NJ PS
Samuel Peck CT CAPT
Samuel Tillett VA CS
Sheriff Brewster SC PVT
Silas Tinker CT CPL
Stephen Brownell RI PVT
Stephen Griggs CT ENS
Stephen Longwell CT PVT
Susanna (Ogle) Mcdonald VA PS
Susannah (Wallace) Woods VA PS
Thomas Barber CT CS, PS
Thomas Dodson, Sr. VA PS
Thomas Eaton MA CS
Thomas Gwinn VA PVT
Thomas Hiller MA SMN
Thomas Lane VA PVT
Thomas Martin PA PVT
Thomas Scott NC PVT
Thomas Smith VA PS
Thomas Turk, Sr. VA PS
Thomas Wheeler VA PS
Timothy Torrey MA PVT
Valentine Emig PA PVT
Walter Carson DE CAPT
Walter Middleton VA PS
Wendle Freshour VA PS
William Bristow VA PS
William Brown PA NONCOM
William Butler PA PVT
William Coffin NC PS
William Dawes, Jr. MA MAJ, PS
William Dick SC LT
William Doss VA PVT
William Durgin, Jr. NH PS
William Ferebee NC CS, PS
William Furman NY ENS
William Gorham CT PVT
William Johnson VA SGT
William Owen NC PS
William Patten PA STAFFOF
William Post VT LT, PS
William Powell VA PS
William Ray VA PS
William Ream NC PVT
William Ritchie VA SOL, PS
William Sprague MA CS
William Watson VA SOL, PS
William Woods VA PS
William Worth MA PS
William Zachary NC PS
Zenas Waterman MA NONCOM
Zibeon Hooker MA LT

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